If you want to be your Best Self Over 40
✅ no more sleepless nights 
✅ no more muffin top 
✅ banish brain fog
✅ you wake up MOTIVATED and filled with gratitude because your mindset is great 

Welcome to the Ultimate Over 40
Women's Club!

Dr. Diana Hoppe's health-focused Amazing Over 40 and Roni's Shine On and Glow mindset support team up for an exclusive 6-month transformative journey filled with vitality, manifestation, and a strong sense of community.

Experience the power of AO40 Membership hormone health insights, empowering resources, and a supportive Circle community, coupled with SO&G's Monthly Manifesting Collective.

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What's Included?

Monthly Manifesting Collective

✨ Shine On and Glow's 12-step process to manifest more money, success, and the extraordinary life you're dreaming of using the Motifesting™ Method.

✨ 6-LIVE Dreams to Paper Manifestation & Journaling Workshops (July-December 2024, 1st Tues of each month) Access to Recordings + May & June Bonus!

✨ BONUS: Next Vision Board Workshop (07/18/24 at 11am PST)
Access to Recording (Hybrid - virtual or in-person at Hera Hub in Carlsbad)

Amazing Over 40 Membership

✨ Monthly Hot Topic Masterclass and Q&A Session

(1st & 3rd Wednesday, Jan-June) Access to Recordings

✨ Weekly Recipes and Monthly Blogs

✨ Circle Community Access

✨ ABC's to Financial Health to understand money and make wise financial choices

Downloable Approved Resources: Help you understand your health, hormones, nutrition: Supplements, Water and More!

✨ Quarterly Book Club: read with the community!

For your incredible journey with both AO40's Membership ($348) and SO&G's MMC ($444).

The total value is almost $800!

For a limited time, benefit from this collaborative bundle at an exclusive price of only $444 for a 6-months.

(May-December 2024 Workshops) Recordings are available.

Meet Your Health Expert

Dr. Diana Hoppe, a Board Certified OB/Gyn with over 30 years of experience, is your trusted guide on a transformative journey to regain control of your life and feel your best once more. As an accomplished clinical researcher, she's dedicated her career to helping thousands of women navigate perimenopause and menopause, offering solutions for better sleep, a sharper brain, weight management, and more. Dr. Hoppe is a true champion of women's well-being.

With a focus on fueling your personal transformation, where hormone balance takes center stage, Dr. Hoppe provides her expertise and steadfast support. Experience a life reclaimed with renewed balance and confidence under her guidance.

Meet Your Mindset Expert

Roni, Founder of Shine On And Glow, is a former Wall Street executive turned business and manifestation coach. Roni started her journey as a coder in New York’s financial industry.

Roni now combines her business knowledge with her powerful intuitive gifts, motivating others to take action and follow their dreams in work and life. She helps her clients create plans for their businesses using a process she calls The Motifesting™ Method. Roni’s clients learn to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk.