Amazing Over 40 Transformation

Hello from Dr. Diana Hoppe!  I am a board-certified Ob/Gyn with over 20 years of clinical experience, as well as a Health & Wellness Coach with a vision to positively change your life and that of many more women.

After struggling with my own weight, attempting various diet plans and gaining the weight back each time, I decided to start a new diet and wellness program. A program that included cleansing the body of toxins to achieve weight loss and management.

I achieved my weight loss goal of 18 pounds months ago and maintained it ever since. With my knowledge of nutrition, movement, and life balance, I knew I needed to teach you and other women how they could get the same results as me. 

With the Amazing Over 40® Transformation program, you will learn how to balance your hormones naturally, control the hunger pangs and get rid of that abdominal fat that suddenly appeared. Eating organic, cleaning out your kitchen and learning what to buy to keep you and your family thriving are also key elements of the program. The need for toxin release to thrive in today’s toxic environment and how to rid toxins will keep you feeling vibrant and energetic!

Our goal is to allow you to become the best you can be – at whatever age!

Amazing over 40 is not just for 40-year-olds and above. Thirty-somethings are also welcome to join this movement for optimal health and wellness!

Here’s to feeling – and being- AMAZING over 40!